Sort of, I guess

Jonathan Martin reports on candid conversation on Straight Talk Air with Rick Davis, McCain campaign manager and most venal human being on the face of the earth.

“No one thought we could win a nomination, we won a nomination,” Davis said, standing in the aisle, his tie loosened for the long flight from New Hampshire to south Florida. “No one thought we could be competitive with Barack Obama, and we’ve been competitive with Barack Obama. You know, no one thought a Republican could win in this environment and we got a shot at it.”

Maybe so, but the thing I’ll add is that while McCain was at one point counted out of the Republican primary, it’s not exactly like he was duking it out in a particularly strong field. There was Rudy “9/11” Giuliani, Fred “Droopy Dog” Thompson, Mitt “Almost Universally Reviled” Romney, and Mike “Endearing but I still believe in the Fair Tax and Creation” Huckabee. Coming back to win in a primary where the winner takes all the delegates against this lackluster crowd is hardly basis to believe McCain will be able to pull off the same stunt against Obama.


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