More Breathing

Jonathan Martin reports on the latest Quinnipiac poll:

Florida: Obama 47, McCain 45
Ohio: Obama 50, McCain 43
Pennsylvania: Obama 52, McCain 42

And to quote myself, just because I’m lazy:

Building on Jonathan Martin’s point that McCain can relinquish hope for PA if he can’t hold on to Ohio, it’s worth noting that if McCain can’t win either, there’s almost no chance he can win at all. That is, assuming the current state of electoral math from the non-partisan RealClearPolitics, McCain needs every “toss-up” to break his way (FL, NC, MO, IN, ND, and NV all go to McCain), and at least PA and OH to win — both of which are leaning blue. If he only wins PA or OH, he needs to add at least VA and NM. If McCain pulls neither OH nor PA, he simply cannot win.


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