I’m very optimistic about never having to point out the daily contradictions of the Sarah Palin candidacy again, but what the hell…

Naturally WordPress can’t show the clip, but here’s a video where Sarah Palin responds to a question about how she will be able to encourage more minority participation in her coalition. Palin doesn’t really have an answer for how to accomplish such a feat, but she does commiserate with the African American man who asked the question by pointing out that Todd Palin is a “native Alaskan” (I assume she means Inuit, though you would have had me fooled) and that “We live it.”

If we take Palin at her word about the minority status of Todd Palin, how then does a native Alaskan who “lives” the minority experience come to be the apotheosis of “Americana”? Furthermore, how do we know that if president, Sarah Palin wouldn’t pursue a radical Inuit-agenda?

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    […] much as regular folks like Sarah Palin and her minority husband Todd fetishize bucolic America, it’s no longer 1845 and we no longer vote exclusively at the […]

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