Maureen Dowd: Irritating

I’m not sure whether Maureen Dowd’s popularity reflects something about her readers or her own cunning. Probably both, but this tripe is growing tired.

In the end, “The Bullet,” or “Sarge,” as McCain calls his replacement campaign manager Steve Schmidt, was the one who did the shackling, turning the vibrant and respected McCain into a shell of his former self.

Give me a break. Does anyone really believe this crap anymore? I mean, look, it was easy for John McCain to bring the straight talk when he was a Senator, and for the most part, had absolutely no personal responsibility. The press played along, enamored with McCain’s candor, and McCain grew popular as an iconoclast. It was, as Dowd dubs — with little apparent recognition of what the word means — McCain’s “brand.” But iconoclasts can’t make serious runs at the presidency and McCain had to change his tune. He’s a politician, it’s what politicians do. Much of the media were deluded into thinking McCain was not a politician, and I think somewhat reasonably, had some trouble coming to terms with the fact that they were duped. But two days before the election we’re still talking about how the real John McCain has been kidnapped? McCain hired Schmidt and has final say on all decisions; he’s doing what he thinks would be necessary to win. Get over it.


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