More Distortions

Wow, I finish one post on a disgusting McCain ad, and here comes another:

First of all, as has been widely noted, Barack Obama’s tax plan would provide Joe the Plumber with a tax cut. Second, the use of “seniors” and “hard working families” are arbitrary and misleading distinctions meant to scare those demographic groups into thinking they’ll be the victim of government pillaging. Categories like “people who wipe themselves” and “Star Wars fans” are equally illuminating. Finally, this notion that people who “don’t pay taxes” would be benefiting from those who do is simply wrong. Though it’s true a number of Americans don’t pay income taxes, they still pay payroll taxes and sales taxes, which are regressive in nature.

Of course, John McCain knows all of this — he just doesn’t care. It’s getting very tiresome to point out the extent to which John McCain is willing to distort his agenda to appeal to people who won’t actually benefit from his policies. I’ll be looking forward to this election’s end.


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