Self Immolation

Here’s Joe Lieberman on Fox News defending the merits of John McCain’s plan to reduce the tax burden on the rich, despite a long career as Democrat voting for tax increases on the wealthy.

Here’s why this is a bad idea as far as tax policy is concerned, but I’m frankly a little surprised to see Lieberman out here still shilling for McCain. Shit, if folks like Charles Fried — that is, conservative Republicans — are not only endorsing Obama, but also asking to be removed from McCain’s list of advisers, shouldn’t Lieberman be jumping ship too?

Maybe Lieberman plans on retiring come 2012, but it’s going to an unpleasant four years in the Senate for Joe. By the way, is Joe Lieberman not clearly the most self-loathing Jew who hasn’t become a Jew for Jesus? (I’m Jewish).


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