The Terrorist Nod

I posted earlier about a story that al-Qeada favors a John McCain administration, mostly because his foreign policy so closely aligns with the stated goals of Osama Bid Laden to boost terrorist recruitment, delegitimize the US on the international stage, and slowly bleed the US through protracted and costly war. Anyway, rightly sensing that the terrorist endorsement doesn’t have such a great ring to it, the McCain campaign stupidly held a conference call to draw attention to the fact that their foreign policy is as obviously daft as the selection of Sarah Palin. The obliviousness is stunning:

What was most striking to me is the way McCain advisers James Woolsey and Randy Scheunemann simply refuse to accept or even seriously address the idea that policies supported by John McCain could have possibly benefited Al Qaeda.

Scheunemann inveighed that “while these jihadists are posting gleefully about the financial crisis, the Post barely found time to mention that it’s only Senator Obama [who has] said for financial reasons we need to withdraw from Iraq. John McCain will spend what it takes to win, in Afghanistan and in Iraq.”

In addition to literally reiterating Bin Laden’s vision for success as John McCain’s foreign policy, Randy and Woolsey also make the cogent argument that a) the views of terrorists shouldn’t be evaluated at face value when they harm John McCain and b) the views of terrorists should be evaluated at face value when they harm Barack Obama.


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