Yes, Really

Marc Ambinder, obviously in reference to my last post, asks:


We’ve all been reduced to mining the blood relations and voting history of Joe the Plumber?

Is the election really that boring again?


Look, if John McCain is going to hoist Joe Wurzelbacher as the apotheosis of Americana it’s worth taking a look at what John McCain envisions an iconic American to be. In this case, it’s a “blue collar” worker apparently making over $250,000 in profit, perhaps illegally, doesn’t pay all of his taxes, and despite not paying his taxes, still has the temerity to whine that the government is taking his money.

As long as the McCain campaign continues to rely almost exclusively on symbolism to earn votes, it’s important to analyze just what those symbols mean. After all, what else is the purpose of identity politics?


One Response to “Yes, Really”

  1. JuicyJuice Says:

    I personaly think that This is wrong. McCain does not use symbols. His campaign is very clear!

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