I’ve been looking for video of the odd moment where John McCain promises to the find the cause of autism. But I can’t, so here’s the transcript:

And I just said to you earlier, town hall meeting after town hall meeting, parents come with kids, children — precious children who have autism. Sarah Palin knows about that better than most. And we’ll find and we’ll spend the money, research, to find the cause of autism. And we’ll care for these young children. And all Americans will open their wallets and their hearts to do so.

First of all, I’m not entirely clear on why Sarah Palin “knows about [autism] better than most.” Her child has Downs syndrome. Usain Bolt does not know know more about NASCAR than most by virtue of being a sprinter.

Secondly, while we’re at it, why don’t we just cure cancer, AIDS, and the gum disease known as gingivitis? This, I think is akin to paeans to “Joe the Plumber”, which while noble, have come entirely out of the blue, and thus seem like a treacly attempt to connect personally to voters.


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