Caption Contest

UPDATE: Just so we’re all clear on this, this photo is a non-photoshopped Reuters wire photo.

Leave a caption in the comments…winner gets a free post to write whatever they want.


12 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. sigmapromise Says:

    Ack…aack…I’m melting…m-e-l-t-ing…!

  2. mike Says:

    George Romero has found his muse

  3. Jon Says:

    Evidence that five and a half years in prison will change a man. POW!

  4. eric Says:

    All senior citizens should have life alert.

  5. token Says:

    It was undecided for awhile, but the lack of a health plan has left McCain’s body no choice but to turn against him

  6. Adam Says:

    I like big butts, and I can not lie…

  7. Steve Says:

    OMFG. Obama has become so patriotic, he’s shooting stars from his ass!

  8. Carole Says:

    What no strips?

  9. Carole Says:

    Oops…I mean, what no stripes?

  10. Nema Says:


  11. Cate Gary Says:

    John McCain will do anything to reach across the aisle . . . even if it means he has to give a Democrat the reach-around.

  12. Cate Gary Says:

    Zombie McCain wants to find out if elitists really do have more brains.

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