Deez Nuts

In a post reporting on McCain campaign internal views on the voter fraud hullaballoo, Marc Ambinder raises an (albeit unintentionally) an interesting point.

 The view inside the Obama campaign is that the ACORN outrage seems unbelievably disingenuous on the part of Republicans who know better.  Anyone who has any familiarity with how these voter registration organizations work knows that (a) voter fraud and voter registration fraud are wildly different, (b) ACORN is required by law to submit the forms exactly as they are filled out, (c) the scale of voter registration this year is so immense that OF COURSE tens of thousands of bogus registrations will be filled out, (d) Mickey Mouse is not going to show up and vote, and (e), taking into consideration (a)-(d) above, along with the highly publicized voter registration drive being coordinated by the Obama campaign, it looks very much like the Republicans are trying to pre-emptively delegitimize Obama’s victory.

Of course, for the reasons outlined above, the sanctimonious indignation about “voter integrity” is incredibly disingenuous. The renewed and intesnified focus on ACORN may serve ultimately to help discredit this tactic, because fundamentally, it’s not particularly difficult to understand. The more the ACORN issue pervades public discourse, the more people will realize that Mickey Mouse can’t vote and that the whole stink is pretty clearly contrived.


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