Michael Scherer: Asshat

Michael Scherer, top press assclown, is missing the point as usual today.

This morning John McCain put out a list of 100 former ambassadors who are supporting his campaign. Number two is Lenore Annenberg, the wife of Ambassador William Annenberg, the founder of the Annenberg Institute of Reform, which funded the Annenberg Challenge, which once had two famous board members: former “domestic terrorist” William Ayers and Sen. Barack Obama.

So either we should all be outraged that John McCain is supported by a family who funded a foundation that hired a domestic terrorist, or this whole William Ayers thing is just plain silly. I choose the latter.

I would argue that the William Ayers thing was just plain silly well before this revelation, and because of its inherent silliness, I really doubt that Sean Hannity is suddenly going to embrace serious journalism or Sarah Palin will be rendered a zero trick pony. While I feel remiss in nitpicking when Scherer reaches a non-eristical conclusion, the fact that Barack Obama once occupied a board position with a 1960s radical now known for education reform and attended a “meet and greet” at said radical’s house in 1995 was inconsequential from the outset. Rather, the cries of “terrorist” are simple campaign demagoguery and should have been treated as such; I know it, you know it, McCain knows it, and you can bet Michael Scherer knows it. It shouldn’t take a McCain supporter having some sort of loose affiliation with Ayers to “cancel out” the topic.


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