Get Ya Popcorn

Here’s the aforementioned “documentary” on John McCain’s involvement in the Savings & Loan debacle. Website here.

The power of this video is in its ability to form a somewhat coherent argument that at once impugns John McCain’s character and judgment with the added bonus of being quite germane to current events. I stop at “somewhat coherent” only because I think it’s less likely that John McCain even cares about deregulation and far more likely that he’s simply a power starved asshole who would do anything to ensure his political survival.

Also, It’s noteworthy that John McCain’s reformer/Maverick image is in large part based on the “lessons” learned during this scandal and the contrition McCain displayed thereafter. Now however, John McCain’s lawyer explains the situation as a “classic political smear job“, essentially invalidating the basis for John McCain’s so-called honor, and leaving him to stand starkly naked as the desperate sociopath he is. 


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