Imaginary Victory

So Reuters overheard John McCain on his cell phone noting his disappointment in the null outcome of the debate (?).

“I was a little disappointed the media called it a tie but I think that means, when they call it a tie, that means we win,” McCain said during a telephone call that was caught by cameras filming him at his campaign headquarters.

It is true that most pundits scored the debate even, but fortunately for Barack Obama, television pundits are not the only enfranchised Americans, as evidenced by this USA Today/Gallup Poll from yesterday showing viewers thought Obama performed better by 46% to 34% margin. What’s more, when asked “[which] candidate offered the best proposals for change to solve the country’s problems,” respondents gave Obama a 52% to 35% edge. 

In addition, insiders in the Obama campaign were willing to accept “draw” as a victory because it would have meant McCain failed to capitalize on his belligerence perceived foreign policy expertise. That Obama actually scored a victory is quite significant.

Finally, McCain’s belief that the media calling a draw actually means a McCain win shows that he really believes in the existence of some liberal media conspiracy despite the fact that a desire for “balance” has actually led to many false equivalencies that obscure, rather than properly highlight, the McCain campaign’s propensity for outright dishonesty.


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