Facts Hurt

During the opening of the debate, John McCain spent a great deal of time either pivoting to or expounding upon the great many benefits of crusading against pork-barrel spending as a means to reign in government spending. I’d make a joke, but this chart is only punchline needed.

In this light — and indeed I think McCain did make this argument — combating earmark spending, such as through the ludicrous promise to veto any earmarked bill, would be of largely attitudinal benefit. The virtue of positive thinking notwithstanding, it would be nice to hear how McCain plans on curbing spending while expanding Bush’s tax cuts on the wealthy without cutting Social Security or Medicare. I’d say cutting defense spending is an option too, but if you think McCain’s going to slash defense, I have some Lehman stock I’d like to sell you.

2 Responses to “Facts Hurt”

  1. katbur Says:

    Great graph! I think you are right and McCain showed a lack of understanding of the federal budgets if he thinks that earmarks would do anything. When you start talking about billions and trillions of dollars earmarks look, quaint.

  2. Screw You Grandma « Yes, Let’s Talk About This Says:

    […] Filed under: Politics — Tags: health care, mccain, tax — Jon @ 12:57 pm I’ve mentioned before that if elected, John McCain’s pork crusading would be piss in the bucket in terms of his […]

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