Stupid Is As Stupid Does

There are a few remarkable things about this clip. First, Roy Blunt openly admits that John McCain “stopped” a deal. Then in an exculpatory effort on behalf of John McCain, says the bill wouldn’t have passed anyway because of the Congressional Republicans. Then he says the deal could have passed because the Democrats have the majority. Well, which one is it Roy? 

Anyway, what’s really insane is that he defends these moronic plans proposed by Congressional Republicans by saying that “frankly”, they’d be easier for the average American to understand. Well, that’s clearly the litmus test for good decisions — could you imagine applying this logic to the rest of your life? Feel a lump in your testicle, call a plumber! Need to send a sattelite into space? Why, just head to the hobby shop! Need to run a the world’s only remaining superpower, hire George W. Bush!


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