I Has A Shrill

The insanity surrounding these bailout negotiations and John McCain’s transparent and putrid ploy to save the day almost requires a suspension of disbelief, to say nothing of accepting John McCain’s so-called “suspension” of his campaign at face value. Unbelievable.

“I can’t invent votes,” House Republican Leader John Boehner warned the administration about the lack of support in his conference for the massive government intervention. And House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) angrily accused House Republicans — with the tacit support of Republican presidential candidate John McCain — of crafting an alternative to undercut Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Both McCain and his Democrat rival, Sen. Barack Obama, left without any joint endorsement. A beleaguered President Bush had to struggle to maintain order and reassert himself. And when Democrats left after the meeting to caucus in the Roosevelt Room, Paulson pursued them, begging that they not “blow up” the legislation.

Can’t you just picture John McCain, sitting all smugly countenanced while John “Can’t Get A” Boehner unctuously pleads that he “can’t invent [the] votes” to pass the bill? Can’t you just picture John McCain wistfully lamenting that burden of doing right by the taxpayers while his health care proposal will leave more Americans uninsured? While his tax cuts will create the largest deficit in 25 years and further growing inequality, even before any massive bailout spending? While his foreign policy belligerently alienates NATO allies and pushes us toward a return to great power conflict? While his Vice President nominee is terrifyingly unqualified and unvetted? Please.

John McCain doesn’t give a fuck about the American taxpayer. John McCain and his staff of venal sycophants and liars care about one thing: electing John McCain. And you know what really sucks? There’s no way to prove it. It’s revolting. Just look at this:

Republican consultant Scott Reed dismissed such talk [of McCain’s erraticism], saying the GOP’s candidate has remained consistent – as a maverick. “McCain isn’t doing anything than he hasn’t always done – he needed a game changer to get out of the shadow cast by being a Republican in an economic crisis,” he said. 

That’s not even a defense. This guy doesn’t even defend him, he just calls McCain’s pathetic erraticism “being a ‘Maverick'” and then even admits it’s purely a political move to deflect attention from the fact that McCain’s economic policies mirror those of the assholes that created this mess. I mean, do these people realize this isn’t a “game” that needs a “game changer”? Do these people care about anything other than being elected? I’m serious.

The one thing that gives me hope is that the American people are smarter than John McCain believes them to be. That the American people will realize that whatever disingenuous trick John McCain retrieves from the deep and rancid depths of Steve Schmidt’s sphincter, they’ll vote no to the party and ideology that has squandered American prosperity and position in the world. That they will vote no to a degenerate party whose self-serving, evidence rejecting know-nothingism turns Americans against one another while their corrupt ranks pass subsidies for friends all the while singing paeans to the “free market.” That Americans say enough, give them the stiff finger, move on, and don’t look back.

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