Crazy Town

Josh Marshall at TPM asks for the compiling of insane Max Boot quotes, now that the noted neoconservative has been added to the McCain foreign policy squad. Well, while examples like the one Marshall mentioned (like Boot’s suggestion “that the US should seize and confiscate the Saudi oil fields and run them as a protectorate”) are certainly insane, we can also focus on the tangible ways he will influence a McCain Wheel ‘O Invasion foreign policy.

LEESBURG, Va. — A McCain administration would discourage Israeli-Syrian peace talks and refrain from actively engaging in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

That was the message delivered over the weekend by two McCain advisers — Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Richard Williamson, the Bush administration’s special envoy to Sudan — during a retreat hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy at the Lansdowne Resort in rural Virginia…

…Boot called the Bush administration’s renewed efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian talks a mistake…

…The sole difference was over Obama’s pledge not to count out a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president who has denied the Holocaust and rejected the legitimacy of Israel’s existence.

“What could such a meeting possibly accomplish?” Boot challenged…

…McCain’s advisers attempted to deflect comparisons between McCain and Bush. In trying to turn such comparisons against the Obama campaign, Boot noted that eight years ago he favored “another presidential candidate with not much experience in national security policy” — George W. Bush — “and we’ve seen the implications.”

There’s certainly plenty of crazy to go around in the above quotes, like the disapproval of peace talks in the Middle East, or that there’s literally nothing to be gained by talking with Ahmedinejad (in a sense, this is correct — Ahmedinejad doesn’t control Iranian foreign policy), but perhaps the greatest cause for concern is his criticism of George W. Bush. You see, unlike the majority of Bush’s detractors who believe Bush’s foreign policy was too impulsive and insane, Max Boot actually thinks Bush wasn’t crazy enough.

UPDATE: Joe Klein elucidates on the daftness.


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