The Jedi Mind Tricks Continue

Jonathan Martin reports on John McCain’s mild endoresment, via Doug Holtz-Eakin, of a federal plan to to buy up bad debt.

“We’re pleased to see the Executive branch and Congress following Sen. McCain’s lead on dealing with this crisis head-on. It’s crucial we all pull together to safeguard peoples’ homes and life savings, protect financial markets and minimize the exposure of taxpayers. Sen. McCain’s Mortgage and Financial Institutions Trust plan does this by getting Treasury and key regulators in a proactive rather than a reactive position. We want to stress, however, that Sen. McCain welcomes all proposals that responsibly address this crisis.”

Following John McCain’s lead? Who are they kidding here? John McCain has had more positions this week than Kama Sutra, first opposing an AIG bailout before supporting it followed by calling Obama indecisive, then saying he’d fire the SEC Chairman before realizing he can’t. Recently, he’s been bloviating incorrectly about Fannie and Freddie in some sort of ludicrous attempt to pin the housing crisis on Barack Obama, and he has the gall to commend people for following his lead?

If everyone followed McCain’s lead, their heads would be so far up their own asses they could give themselves the conoloscopies they couldn’t afford under John McCain’s healthcare plan.

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