Jonathan Martin reports the McCain campaign, grasping for a line of attack as Obama moves ahead in the polls, have tried to paint Obama’s tepid endorsement of the AIG loan as “indesiciveness.”

“Barack Obama’s refusal to take a stand on the biggest economic issue of the day shows he’s not ready to make the tough calls needed to bring real reform and change to Wall Street and Washington,” says spokesman Brian Rogers.   “With the financial security of millions of hardworking Americans at stake, we can’t afford a president who just votes ‘present.’ The next president will need to put country before politics and make tough decisions to secure our economic and national security. John McCain’s life is filled with examples of putting country first and doing what’s right, regardless of self-interest or political gain. As Barack Obama has shown again this week, he has no such record.”

Even if the hypothetical world of John McCain where Presidents dictate Fed decisions existed, have we learned absolutely nothing from the past 8 years of instinctual, “tough decision” making leadership? It is exactly this sort of Bush doctrine (in the Sarah Palin “worldview” sense) that engendered the Bush Doctrine (in the preemptive invasion of non-threatening countries sense) that has led to one of the greatest foreign policy disasters in the history of our country. It is exactly this sort of instinctual decisiveness that led to the almost religious belief in market deregulation. 

When Obama talks about “more of the same”, it isn’t merely Bush’s horrible policy ideas, but the know-nothing rejection of intellectualism and careful consideration that will likely lead to more similarly horrible ideas like John McCain’s moronic take on health care. 

Of course, it’s also worth noting the risible irony in the McCain campaign’s attack of Obama’s alleged indecisiveness is well encapsulated by the Bloomberg headline, “McCain, Obama Blame Regulators; McCain Shifts on AIG.”


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