More Polls

These CBS poll results show the race at dead even and allow for some cautioned optimism in the argument I outlined in the below post; namely that if McCain tries to make the election about change, it will benefit Obama, who by all metrics is the substantive candidate of change. I’ll just quote Marc Ambinder.

Is the election still about change? A whopping 65% of registered voters see the Obama-Biden ticket as the force of change, compared to just 47% who associate the word with McCain-Palin…

…Obama still leads on most domestic issues, still leads on the “who shares your values” question, and still understands voters’ needs and problems better, these voters say.

And on the press side of things…

Working the ref works: more than half of men and women say the media has treated Gov. Palin too harshly.

If this is an election of change and issues, it should still probably go Obama’s way.


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