Message Battlefield

One thing that occurred to me when I saw McCain’s new ad pushing the Maverick/change/reform theme is that this will push the debate back towards issues, and even the most cursory glance will reveal that the change McCain offers is one some cases merely symbolic like balancing the budget by cutting pork (roughly $19B out of a projected $482B deficit for 2009) or in other cases, exaggerations of Bush policies. I honestly hope this is the case, but with press essentially unwilling to highlight the difference between 2000 vintage McCain and his current incarnation, informing the uninformed voter might be a difficult task.


2 Responses to “Message Battlefield”

  1. More Polls « Yes, Let’s Talk About This Says:

    […] pm These CBS poll results show the race at dead even and allow for some cautioned optimism in the argument I outlined in the below post; namely that if McCain tries to make the election about change, it will benefit Obama, who by all […]

  2. Joe Says:

    All politics are, are lies and half truths all I care about about obama is that he is PRO-CHOICE. THe right to choose is a FUNDEMENTAL RIGHT! No one or TWO people have a RIGHT to OVERTURN A RIGHT!

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