John McCain: Democrat

Unlike his VP pick, Jonathan Martin reports that John McCain would eschew tokenism and break from precedent set by Bill Clinton and George Bush by appointing more than one Democrat to his cabinet.

“I don’t know how many, but I can tell you, with all due respect to previous administrations, it is not going to be a single, ‘well we have a Democrat now.,” McCain told CBS’s Bob Schieffer in an interview to air tomorrow on Face the Nation.  “It’s going to be the best people in America, the smartest people in America.”

First of all, this probably suggests that with Palin getting the GOP base all hot and bothered, McCain is feeling more comfortable touting his reenergized Maverickosityness. More importantly though, this statement begs the question: if the best, smartest people in America are Democrats, then why would you vote for a Republican? From a purely political perspective, this is also indicative of the tattered reputation of the GOP brand. If part of your candidacy wrests on implementing the good ideas of the other party, it’s probably a sign your ideas are unpopular.

John McCain is basically making the argument that instead of sleeping with women, straight men should sleep with men because they have some of the same orifices as women.


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