Enforcing Double Standards

The McCain campaign has been engaging in much huffing and puffing about the alleged sexism being levied against Sarah Palin. Even the noted feminist Rudy Giuliani wondered if some questions asked of Sarah Palin would be asked of a man. So in this context of double standards, Andrew Sullivan gleefully notes that Sarah Palin’s pastor recently delivered an incendiary anti-American sermon of Jeremiah Wright proportions. As Sullivan quips, “petard, prepare to be hoist.”

As much as I’d like to think this will be damaging to the McCain/Palin ticket in the same way Jeremiah Wright hurt Barack Obama, I’m hardly as sanguine about its prospects as Sullivan. In the first, the Reverend Wright ordeal was used to cast Obama as un-American. This attack hardly works against the markedly less black Sarah Palin, even if she is a closeted secessionist. Secondly, as far as I know, there’s no YouTube. And probably most important, Democrats don’t usually — HRC notwithstanding — pursue these types of arguments, especially when they believe the election to be about issues.


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