You Ask, I Respond

In respone to my calling the GOP on it’s sanctimonious BS:

So what’s your answer to Giuliani’s question? Would that question be asked of a man or wouldn’t it?

You seem to be saying here that you don’t want to hear people point out clear examples of sexism if they have an (R) after their name. Can that be right? So sexism is ok as long as it only targets (R)s and (D)s are cool with it?


First of all, as my post makes clear, I’m not entirely sure who the “they” Giuliania refers to is. In other words, if there is any sexism, it sure isn’t coming from the Obama camp. And yes, when Palin accused Hillary of “whining” and McCain called Hillary a “bitch”, you sort of cede the right to complain about sexism credibly.


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