Reading the New York Times “news analysis” of the Palin pick I came accross this hilarious quote.

“In a way, McCain has set a trap on the experience argument,” said Scott Reed, who managed Bob Dole’s presidential campaign in 1996, “because if they start picking on her on experience, it’s going to backfire with women.”

Well, you know if Bob Dole’s campaign manager approves, it was clearly a good idea. This is like when girls ask their bitter single friends for dating advice. Of course you shouldn’t call him back!

Anyway, this is wrong on a number of levels. First, the election is still about McCain. Raising her inexperience is a way of discussing McCain’s poor judgment, which increasingly has been the line of attack from the Obama camp. Secondly, as I mentioned yesterday, but Ezra Klein put better, Obama doesn’t think he’s inexperienced, John McCain thinks Barack Obama is inexperienced. It only undermines McCain’s message.


2 Responses to “Lawlz”

  1. fredshelm Says:

    Lol. Reed is wrong on one thing, the experience argument isn’t going to backfire on women, it’s going to backfire on the whole electorate. Any time the word “experience” is uttered, they are going to look at the two guys at the top of both tickets. Obama has been trying to tell us for over a year that experience doesn’t matter. He undercuts his whole message when he attacks Palin along this route.

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