Kerry’s Speech

Like a lot of people, I missed John Kerry’s speech last night, but I got around to it today. It’s really too bad most of the networks cut away, because this was an excellent speech in clearly articulating why change is needed, what should be changed, and why Obama is the man for the job. The “Senator McCain, Candidate McCain”  theme (I smell an ad) was a great way of pointing out just how effete McCain has become, and just how far he has gone to adopt neoconservative policy. If you missed it, I’d strongly recommend.

One Response to “Kerry’s Speech”

  1. The Fliz Says:

    According to this Boston magazine story, this is the first speech Kerry has cared about in ages.

    I love this passage,”Kerry on a bad day is something to behold. The senator can, famously, radiate a sort of anti-charisma that doesn’t repel so much as baffle. When he showed up in Lowell, the crowd instinctively pushed toward him, propelled by the electric charge people feel when they see someone famous. But then came the inevitable disappointment. Kerry was uncomfortable, not entirely engaged. His back-slapping was unconvincing. To denote exuberance, he clapped his hands—but just once. It looked as if he was trying to kill a fly.”

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