Maureen Dowd Back At It

Maureen Dowd, whose scheduled column didn’t allow her to get the “Hillary Tension” bug out quickly enough, writes today about the allegedly metastasizing malcontent in the Democratic party. As it would make sense to do when writing about the mood of the Democratic party, she asked John McCain’s friend and former campaign adviser, who is obviously totally unbiased and has absolutely no reason to be misleading whatsoever.

But this Democratic convention has a vibe so weird and jittery, so at odds with the early thrilling, fairy dust feel of the Obama revolution, that I had to consult Mike Murphy, the peppery Republican strategist and former McCain guru.

“What is that feeling in the air?” I asked him.

“Submerged hate,” he promptly replied.

I understand that asking Mike Murphy isn’t quite like asking Steve Schmidt, but shit, was Cindy unavailable? Naturally, she spends the rest of the column egging on hand-wringing and imbuing quotes with hidden significance and otherwise making evidence free assertions.

At a press conference with New York reporters on Monday, Hillary looked as if she were straining at the bit to announce her 2012 exploratory committee.

“Remember, 18 million people voted for me, 18 million people, give or take, voted for Barack,” she said, while making a faux pro-Obama point. She keeps acting as if her delegates are out of her control, when she’s been privately egging on people to keep her dream alive as long as possible, no matter what the cost to Obama.

Nevermind that quote was pulled from a three paragraph response while explaining that voter turnout was going to be a big issue. And then, there’s this bit of storytelling…

Hillary also said she was happy about the choice of Joe Biden because he added “intensity” to the ticket. Ouch.

To suggest this sentence is based on speculation alone would actually bolster the claim MoDo makes. She doesn’t even cite her own speculative evidence to suggest Clinton was insincere at this moment. Isn’t there someone responsible for making sure claims made, even in editorials, aren’t wildly speculative? And then of course, a signature MoDo move.

At a meeting of the Democratic women’s caucus Tuesday, 74-year-old Carol Anderson of Vancouver, Wash., a former Hillary volunteer, stood in the back of the room in a Hillary T-shirt and hat signed by Hillary and “Nobama” button and booed every time any of the women speakers mentioned Obama’s name.

Holy shit! Well if 74-year-old Carol Anderson of Vancouver, Wash., a former Hillary volunteer, is a whack-job, and if John McCain’s friend and former campaign adviser says it must be true, then it must be a real crisis, and not just something the media has run away with.


One Response to “Maureen Dowd Back At It”

  1. Mo MoDo Says:

    In the dead trees edition, the “Submerged hate” quote is followed by Dowd saying that she thought she smelled sulfur.

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