Overblown Please Blow Over

Joe Klein, on the Hilary/Obama silliness:

As for tonight, the alleged tensions between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama–and just what Senator Clinton will say tonight–has been the subject of a collective nervous breakdown on the part of my colleagues. It’s been the least nutritious, most over-covered political story since…well, since the vice presidential selection process.

This is true, but at least the veepstakes was an actual, verifiable story: a Vice Presidential nominee was going to be selected. This HRC supporter business is the apotheosis of the non-story, happily inflamed by the McCain camp to promote this as mainstream sentiment when it pretty clearly hails from the distant tundra of political marginalia. Hopefully tonight will be the end of it, but as long as there’s a plausible narrative and a camera, some wingnut will happily fulfill the unholy trifecta.


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