Talking About Talking

So the UPI reports that Mitt Romeny and Rudy Giulani will be heading to Colorado under the auspices of “assess[ing] the activities of this week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver”, but more likely to give the press something to talk about. The strategy here is essentially the same one that underpinned Carly Fiorina meeting with Tony Rodham and other “Democratic operatives” in Scranton, PA: stoking the press’ interest in the so-called “rift” in the Democratic party. Undecided voters will hear ad nauseum about how former Clinton supporters are “undecided” and meeting with Republicans, and the idea that former HRC supporters and other independent voters should question their decision will permeate the public discourse.

I’m not sure that there’s a direct parallel with McCain’s campaign, but parading around Republican Obama supporters — and they exist in droves — certainly will help defuse the notion that this is purely Barack’s problem. Indeed, initial skepticism about McCain revolved around his inability to energize the GOP base. This can be exploited.


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