All News for Obama Bad News

Continuing the trend of all news being anathema to Obama, the New York Times reports that just 43 percent of Hillary’s pledged delegates will cast their vote for in his favor. In the ominously titled “Delegates for Clinton Back Obama, But Show Concerns,” we learn that:

Forty-two percent of Mrs. Clinton’s pledged delegates surveyed say they would vote for her. But 43 percent say they would vote for Mr. Obama while another 15 percent have not decided what they will do when Mrs. Clinton’s name is put into nomination.

In other words, Obama will be receiving votes note only from the delegates he himself earned, but also roughly half of those pledged to Hillary. Just awful! But wait, it gets worse…

Still, more than 80 percent of the delegates surveyed said they enthusiastically supported Mr. Obama, and about as many (including more than two-thirds of Mrs. Clinton’s pledged delegates) were confident he would win the election. Majorities across all regions except the South said Mr. Obama held an edge in their state.

Yes, it’s a sorry sign for the Democratic party when a mere 80 percent of Democratic delegates “enthusiastically support” the candidate. I mean, seriously, can we just drop this story about a divided Democratic party? It’s a bit ridiculous at this point.


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