The Right to Party

So this story about 100 college presidents sending a letter asking Congress to lower the drinking age to 18 is making some waves in the blogosphere today. And people are proposing some bizarre policy recommendations. I can’t how serious they are, but Ezra Klein recommends lowering the drinking age if GPA is high enough (reading over this, it’s definitely not serious), and Cogitamus thinks we should bring back 3.1% beer or “allow bars to serve cocktails that are diluted enough to qualify as near-beer.”

Look, this is an issue of enforcement. The reason under-age binge drinking has grown into a problem is because it’s almost impossible to enforce; that is, there are countless avenues for skirting the age requirement. So if it’s impossible to really regulate a strict age requirement, what makes anyone think it would be easier to enforce more complex laws? Why would an 18 year old buy 3.1% beer when they could right now get their brother or older friend to just buy them the regular stuff?


2 Responses to “The Right to Party”

  1. mike Says:

    The premise is that college students are first and foremost lazy, and like to avoid misdemeanor charges when possible too.

    If you make it so a kid can either legally walk into a gas station and buy a 30 rack of light beer, or pay $100 for a fake ID and sweat his way through an ABC store… the majority will choose the former. It’s easier and safer and could let kids learn how to handle their sauce before they start taking jack to the face. Sure, people will still skirt the law sometimes, but this would at least help.

  2. More Fighting for Rights « Yes, Let’s Talk About This Says:

    […] Filed under: Uncategorized — keurig @ 4:20 pm Commenter “Mike” responds to my argument that reintroducing 3.1% beer is missing the point: The premise is that college students are first and foremost lazy, and like to avoid misdemeanor […]

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