Movin’ On Up, One Foot Still in the Door

Hi, Everyone–

Just wanted to let all my loyal readers know I’ll be contributing to Political Derby now. I’ll still be updating this blog, but you’ll only be able to find my non-political stuff here. Political stuff will appear on both, at least until I can post directly at Political Derby . (For the first few weeks they’ll be uploading my posts for me. I guess I’ll have to be a better editor, as you can see on my first post I have up there.)

UPDATE: To toot my own horn completely, this blog is way more legitimate than YLTABT (yesletstalkaboutthis). The founder…

Jason Wright is PoliticalDerby’s founder and editor. He is a writer and consultant whose op/eds on politics, policy and pop culture have appeared in over 50 newspapers and magazines nationwide. He is the author of the New York Times Bestsellers The Wednesday Letters and Christmas Jars

Plus, he’s totally been on cable.

UPDATE 2: This site seems to attract a strong conservative readership. Anyone looking to valiantly defend me in comment sections is hereby invited.


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